Potty Trained!

We are officially potty trained. Lucy’s been trained during the day and at nap time for a couple of months now, and now she is able to go through the night without any accidents. I cannot even tell you how excited that makes me.

We struggled with potty training for a while, as you may remember. I think she just wasn’t ready at first. But then, one day, it just clicked. She told us she had to go to the bathroom, and from then, it’s been smooth sailing. Up until last night we put her in a pull up at night, and she wouldn’t even go to the bathroom in it when awake (either right before bed or after she woke up before we put panties on). I was a little nervous about how night-time training would go (I’ve read it can take kids up to age 5 for their brain-bladder signals to connect), but it looks like we’ve made my goal of having her 100 percent potty trained by age 3.

As much as I want to have No. 2, I am really enjoying NOT having to buy diapers anymore! We would like a year without diapers before we add to the family. 🙂

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