Lucy, Lucy, Lucy the Explorer!

You guys. My princess is turning 3 in NINE DAYS.

I KNOW. Seriously. How did we get to THREE already? Wasn’t it just yesterday that she was born??

Since Lucy’s birthday typically falls around Thanksgiving (this year it’s the day before), we normally have her party the weekend before the holiday. This year, we’re partying next Sunday at a local bouncy place. To say that Lucy is psyched would be an understatement. For the last couple of weeks, she’s come up to us and said, “I gotta get ready for my party. I gotta go to my party.”

Lucy’s been really into Dora and Diego, so she adamantly said she wanted a Dora party. Joe has made her invites for the last two years, but this year we’ve all been so busy that I found her invites on Etsy and FELL IN LOVE. I mean, how super cute are these??

Since we’re having the party at a bouncy place, there’s not much for us to do. We’ll probably take some simple decorations, but we’re not really going overboard. This year, I want to just take it easy and enjoy the party, which I was trying to do (despite the fact that  I am completely Type A and am relying on the party pros to make Lucy’s day awesome).

Until yesterday. When the person I booked to make Lucy’s cake backed out on me. I am not even joking. She sent me a Facebook message and said that they decided to go out of town. “Sorry! Hope you can find someone else to make the cake!”

I kid you not. That is what she said. SEVEN DAYS out from the party. And, of course, I found this out as I was walking in to get a mani/pedi, so spending an hour or so relaxing was kind of hard to do. The cake is a really important part of the party to me, so this was just devastating.

But, we did what we always do, and we found another person to make her cake, who happens to be Lucy’s babysitter’s daughter. She makes cute cakes, and she said it was no problem to make the cake we’re looking at. Want to see the cake I got my inspiration from? Of course, you do!

Instead of the cardboard characters, though, we’ll have toys that I found on eBay. And, since Lucy’s party is on my Dad’s birthday, we’re going to have a cake for him, too. Can you guess the theme? DIEGO! It’s going to be super cute, and Lucy is really excited.

I love planning Lucy’s birthday parties, and even though we won’t be doing as much decoration-wise as we have in the past, I’m still excited because her party is going to be awesome. It’s everything she loves and is going to make her ridiculously happy. And, that, is what’s most important.

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