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whatever happened to the service in customer service? i am on the phone now with directv for the third time since yesterday to try to get answers about my bill. here’s what happened: i got my bill. i added up the charges. they came to $10 less than what i’m being billed. i went back to the previous months and did the same thing and still came up $10 less.

joe called first. he didn’t get any answers, so i gave it a shot. she tried to say that i didn’t pay my full bill every month. right. because i make it a habit to pay $10 less than i owe. brillant. now i’m back on the phone because joe was told (after he took the phone away from me becausei was getting very upset) that a credit is applied after the bill goes out so it’s not reflected on the bill. that doesn’t make sense.

sigh. i’ve been on the phone now for 15 minutes and it will be another 10 before i can speak to a supervisor (because when i said “i’d like to speak to a supervisor” the guy took that as “i’d like to continue speaking to you, moron”). maybe i’ll write them a letter.

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  1. Erin says:

    I had a similar experience with our cable company. We had recently moved. I got a bill at our new house for the month of February. I paid it in full like I always do. Then, about 2 weeks later I got a bill for $30. I called up said cable provider. They said it was a transfer fee for moving. I said, “Doesn’t it say on your website that I am looking at right this very minute that transfer of service is ALWAYS FREE.” Oh, yes, it did say that. So they uncharged me the bill. But then March’s bill came and I paid it and then 2 weeks later, that pesky $30 bill came again….this time with late charges. Now, I’ll stand for stupidity once….but twice is a no go. I won’t get into all the details, but it involved me being very scary on the phone to a lot of people. Then the gave me free stuff to get me to stop being scary. Fun.

    Also, love your wedding photos!

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