Taking Cancer Cures to the People

If you want to have a personal and direct role in curing cancer, you can donate to cancer research at a website called cureLauncher.com. This website connects ordinary people who want to fund research with real clinical research projects. Each project has its own page on the site with a summary of the project and a short video from the lead researcher personally describing the work. Funders do not have to worry about the quality of the research they would be supporting. Researchers who wish to post a project to the site are required to demonstrate that they have or have applied for National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding. Donors to each project form a community of support for the project and each other, by participating in the cureLauncher discussion page and through social media. The site is fully hooked up with social media so donors and researchers can post information on the funding project to friends, family and followers. As project supporters, donors are connected to ongoing updates about the project. Unless something is done about the fiscal cliff, 2013 will see an immediate cut of 2.5 billion in NIH government funding. Direct support by caring individuals through cureLauncer.com will be even more urgently needed to fund the fight against cancer.

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