Weekly Totals ~ 01/11/13

I bought a lot more this week than last but still stayed under my goal of $40 a week. I bought a bunch of canned items at Kroger during the Crazy Eights sale, and I may go pick up a few more tomorrow night.

So, since I bought a bunch of canned goods, produce and meat, I didn’t have any coupons. But, I did have $11 from the Pop to Save game on my card, which helped my total out a bit!

Here’s what I got this week:

Kroger Wheat Bread – $0.88
Kroger Hot Dog Buns – $0.98
Kroger Orange Juice – $1.88
Kroger Chicken Breasts – $10.77
Navel Oranges – $4.79
Bananas – $1.25
Kroger Ravioli x 4 – $3.08
Bush’s Chili Beans x 4 – $3.52
Kroger Sloppy Joe Sauce x 2 = $1.76
Kroger Pasta x 2 – $1.76
Kroger Milk – $2.99
Kroger Frozen Broccoli – $2.48
Kroger Frozen Mixed Vegetables – $2.48
Kroger Mac n Cheese x 2 – $1.36
Kroger Chili Seasoning x 4 – $2.76
Baked Potatoes – $1.99
Kroger Canned Corn x 2 – $1.38

After my $11 credit, I paid $36.26 this week. I also made a trip to CVS this week to use my BOGO Stayfree coupons, and ended up spending $0.66 for 13 packages of pads and 8 candy bars. So, my grand total for the week was $36.92. It wasn’t my best week ever, but I stayed under my goal, and I got a bunch of canned items and stocked us up for a while on chicken. I think it was a pretty successful week!

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