Weekly Totals ~ 02/01


I am pretty proud of the fact that so far this year I have stayed under my budget of $40 a week. Now, if we could stop using the money we’ve saved to splurge on eating out, we’d be in great shape!

I totally felt like an extreme couponer this week when I picked up my special order of cat food. It was the first time I’ve ever done a special order and, since my Kroger limits customers to five like coupons per transaction, I cleared my use of all 30 coupons with the manager first. Well, the register locked up. Of course it did. And, there was a LONG line of people behind me. Talk about embarrassing. The supervisor was called over, and she told both me and the cashier that only five coupons were allowed. But, after I told her that I had gotten permission from the manager (and knew his name), she reluctantly unlocked the register. Ugh! I’m glad she did because I did NOT have that much money in my wallet to cover the cat food!

Here’s what I got this week:

Purina One Beyond Cat Food x 33 – $1.32 (33 $3.25/1 coupons)
Apples – $4.49
Kroger Milk – $2.99
Kroger Sandwich Buns – $1.69
Bananas – $0.99
Wholly Guacamole x 4 – $1.96 (4 $1/1 IP)
Wholly Salsa x 2 – $0 (2 $1.50/1 IP)
Tostitos x 2 – $4.98
Tostitos Salsa – $0 (Free salsa WYB 2 Tostitos IP)
Pepperidge Farm Goldfish x 2 – $2.48
Baking Potatoes – $1.99
Kroger Chili Beans x 2 – $1.38
Doritos x 2 – $0.99 (BOGO $1.99 with $1/2 IP)
Tostitos – $1.99
Chex Mix x 2 – $0.98 (2 $0.50/1 IP)
Cheetos – $1.09 (the kiddo convinced me to get her a small bag at the store!)

I spent $29.32 for $167.49 worth of groceries, a savings of 83%. I’m pretty happy with that, and I’m looking forward to see what next week brings!

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