Weekly Totals ~ 02/16

Wow – this is the first time in a while that I really haven’t shopped at all. There wasn’t much I needed (besides a jar of jalapenos and a can of black beans for my meal on Friday while the hubby enjoyed my Mexican Chicken), so on Thursday night, I ran by Ingles to grab those, an ear of corn and some seasoning for guacamole. But, my guac turned out SO well by itself that I didn’t even use the seasoning! Maybe another time…

My total actually should have been lower than it was. I didn’t look at my receipt until now, and the cashier rang up my ear of corn as a lime. The corn was priced at 5/$2 and the limes at 2/$1, so I should have paid $0.40 rather than $0.50. Oh well. I’m not going to quibble over $0.10.

Also, I will be posting my recipes for Mexican Chicken and Roasted Corn Guac in the next week or so!

So, here are my puny totals for this week:

Laura Lynn Jalapenos – $1.58
Bush’s Black Beans – $0.80
Guacamole Seasoning – $0.98
Ear of Corn – $0.50

This week, I spent $3.86! I hope to have a good bit of my grocery money left over when the next pay day rolls around!

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  1. I love seeing your savings and I love the new layout! How is selling 31 going?

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