Week in Phone Pics ~ 10/52

So…it’s been a few weeks since I’ve done this. Sigh. I have been so incredibly busy with some new VA work and spending time with the kiddo (more on all that later). Hopefully, I won’t miss any more week!


Last week we:

  • Dressed up like Ariel
  • Snuggled with AJ
  • Did a jigsaw puzzle
  • Had a lunch date with Mommy
  • Threw pennies into the fountain at the mall
  • Went out to dinner with Mommy and Daddy
  • Made leaf angels
  • Went to church (and insisted on pics as we left)
  • And, drew with chalk.


We also:

  • Played at McDonald’s (and had to wear their ridiculously big socks since we forgot ours)
  • Visited Lucy’s great-grandmother in the hospital
  • Played at the park
  • And, made Kool-Aid!

I’m linking up with Living Like the Kings.

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  1. Carrie T says:

    I hope great grandmother gets well soon! I haven’t had kool-aid in ages. Grape was always my favorite.

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