Curious George DVDs ~ $10 or Less!

I told you guys I would let you know about good deals I find, and here are some awesome ones on Curious George DVDs! I found a bunch for less than $10 on Amazon!!

Curious George Goes Green, $4 (reg. $14.98)

Curious George: Sails With The Pirates and Other Curious Capers!, $4 ($14.98)

Curious George (Widescreen Edition), $4.99 (reg. $14.98)

Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey, $5 (reg. $19.98)

Curious George (Full Screen Edition), $6.49 (reg. $14.98)

Curious George: Goes to the Doctor and Lends a Helping Hand, $7.79 (reg. $14.98)

Curious George: Back to School, $7.79 (reg. $14.98)

Curious George – Rocket Ride and Other Adventures, $7.79 (reg. $14.98)

Curious George: Leads the Band and Other Musical Mayhem!, $7.79 (reg. $14.98)

Curious George: Robot Monkey and More Great Gadgets!, $7.79 (reg. $14.98)

Curious George: A Bike Ride Adventure, $8.93 (reg. $14.98)

Curious George: A Day at the Library, $8.93 (reg. $14.98)

Curious George: Gets a New Toy, $8.99 (reg. $14.98)

Curious George Makes New Friends, $9.80 (reg. $14.98)

Curious George Goes to a Birthday Party, $9.96 (reg. $14.98)

Curious George: Sweet Dreams, $9.99 (reg. $14.98)

Curious George: Plays in the Snow and Other Awesome Activities!, $9.99 (reg. $14.98)

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  1. Percy says:

    Thank you for clarifying that you sohuld never use the box color for your whole head! As a hairdresser, I really appreciate that, because box color is soooo much more harsh, and the end result often surprises people (not in a good way!). I’ve fixed many a box color, in the salon & it is such a pain! Also, be careful doing this if you know you eventually want to go back to blond, professional color can be removed a bit more easily than box color & you’ll end up with stripes of orangey/gag color (the parts that got the box!) that your stylist will have to fix. I am all for stretching dollars though, so if dark hair is totally your thing, do this!

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