The One in Which there was MOLD in my CAR

Apparently, it is monsoon season here in the South. Seriously. It rained 4 days straight since we returned from our vacay last Tuesday (today is our first dry day). And, I have no idea how long it rained here while we were gone.

Which wouldn’t be a big deal and all if, you know, the top of my back window hadn’t come unsealed from the soft top, creating a nice little opening. And, openings in cars and rain don’t mix AT ALL. We discovered the issue right before we left and weren’t able to get it fixed before we left town. We weren’t expecting non-stop rain, so we thought it would be OK until we got back. Boy, were we wrong.

So, today, when Lucy and I headed out to get our $0.55 pancakes at IHOP, I realized there’s no way in the world we can use my car because it is COVERED IN MOLD. Seriously. Back seat, car seat, console, seat belt, front seat. So.freaking.gross.

We took it to a detail shop today, and they quoted a ridiculous amount – a minimum of around $1,000 – to get it to the point where I could drive Lucy in it again. Thankfully, other places quoted us a much lower (but still makes me want to cry) cost. So, hopefully, we’ll take it in to be cleaned later this week.

Bright side: my car will be spotless. Downside: Oh, so much money.

One day, we’ll look back on this as a funny story. Right??

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  1. Carol says:

    Oh boo!!! That sounds like such a mess 🙁 I am so sorry you have to deal with it..

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