promote, promote, promote

i’m in the paper again! i have been trying to promote the hell out of this parade i’m planning. we’ve been in both local newspapers, i have psa’s running on the station, and we’re on bartow headlines. that’s in addition to the flyers we took to every single school and day care in bartow county.

i thought i had everything ready and was good to go. the t-shirts are being printed, we’re picking up snacks tomorrow at wal-mart and the inflatables are reserved. BUT…i just got a call from someone with the downtown development authority telling me i was supposed to tell them about our activities so they can shut down the city hall parking lot, order barricades and trash cans and make sure there is enough electricity for the inflatables.

i will be so glad when we’re on our way to the cabin saturday afternoon and i can relax.

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  1. Lindsey says:

    Damn…and I thought planning a golf tournament was hard work. I hope everything goes well!!!

  2. stacey says:

    My goodness … I will never complain about our reporters ever again. Glad you got in the paper, but she only quoted you once and what a “duh” quote when you’re talking about a kiddie parade. I hope the parade goes perfectly!!!

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