another fun game!

following stacey’s lead, i thought i’d share my favorite game with you all. i am absolutely addicted to spear toss. i can play this game for hours. and yes, that makes me someone who is quite easily amused. 🙂 seriously though, check it out. it’s great. and there are other fun games on the site too.

friday’s feast

the creator of friday’s feast is sick this week so joe wrote one. yay. so here it goes….

appetizer: what song makes you cry and why?
“the christmas shoes.” it’s about a boy who wants to buy his mother a pair of shoes for christmas because she’s dying but he doesn’t have enough money. he wants to get them for her so she’ll look beautiful when she meets jesus. his story tugs at the heart of a man at the store, and he helps the boy purchase the shoes.
ok, i have to add another one: “arise my love” by newsong. this song is played at the resurrection scene at the easter pageant at my church and it always makes me cry because the entire thing reminds me of what jesus went through for me. every time i hear it i want to recommit myself to him.

soup: tell about a random act of kindness that you had happen or did for someone this week.
being there for a friend

salad: what is your favorite beverage?
cherry coke!

main course: tell at least three people today how much they mean in your life.
joe, you’re everything to me. you’re my best friend and my love. i’ve given you my heart, and i know you’ve given me yours. i love you more than anything.
stacey and julisa, you girls are my closest girl friends. you’re always there for me when i need to talk or vent, and i hope you know i’m always here for you as well.

dessert: What would you take on a picnic for dessert?
chocolate chunk brownies 🙂

under the knife

that’s where aj will be momentarily. yep. the boy is getting his manhood taken away today. it’s about time. he’s been quite rambunctuous lately. i’ve been trying to prepare him by telling him what’s going to happen but it’s like he’s been in denial. i think yesterday it sunk in. or maybe it was when julius made chopping motions with his paw. hehe. well you never know…he could have done that. 🙂 so when joe gets up here this afternoon we’re going to go pick up a very doozy kitty.

if i watched monty python maybe i’d know who this is :)

You are Patsy, loyal squire. Your main job is to hang around the King and make sound effects since the budget doesn't allow for REAL props...
You are Patsy, loyal squire. Your main job is to
hang around the King and make sound effects
since the budget doesn’t allow for REAL

Which Monty Python & the Holy Grail Character are you REALLY?
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my stupidity, part 2

will it ever end? i’m seriously starting to doubt it. this morning, joe and i ran out and, since i didn’t need my checkbook or credit card, i left my purse in the house. when we returned, joe asked me if i had my keys. i looked on the floor by my feet and didn’t see my purse. i always bring my purse. we were locked out. crap.

“i knew you didn’t have your keys when you didn’t bring your purse,” joe said.

“why didn’t you tell me??” i responded.

i tried calling the landlord, to no avail. he never answers his phone. not very handy, if you ask me.

so we took a quick jaunt to the police department which, luckily, is just a few blocks from my house. i was in my sweatpants and looked like hell, but i didn’t care. we marched down to support services where the public information officer and recruiting officer work.

“i locked us out,” i said. “do you know anyone who can open the lock?”

the sergeant pulled out his asp baton. “use this,” he said as i stared blankly. “it’s cheaper to fix a window than to call a locksmith.”

he had a point.

they told us to try using a credit card in the door jamb. as we left, the recruiting officer asked how long it would take to get back to my house.

“not long,” i said. “why?”

“well. i was just thinking. the 911 center could get a call about a burglary in process at a certain dalton residence.”

i rolled my eyes and we drove back to the house where i watched in nervous anticipation as joe first tried his driver’s license and then his insurance prescription card. just as we thought it wasn’t going to happen, the door popped open. “my insurance finally came through,” he joked.
so, through act of stupidity number two, i learned to always take my purse with me. oh, and i headed down to lowes and got several spare keys made. 🙂

i am in love . . .

…and i’m not talking about joe this time, even though i am in love with him(sorry sweetie!). let me introduce you to my new favorite place: mercier’s orchards . joe and i went there with his parents this weekend. they had told me it was great, but i had no idea how incredible this place is. they have many different kinds of apples, as well as other fruits when they’re seasonal, and the best apple cider i’ve ever had. they also sell every kind of jam, jelly and preserve known to man. i’d never heard of corn cob jelly and jalapeno jelly before. i had their dutch apple preserves on my toast this morning. it has chunks of apple in it and is the most delicious thing i’ve ever had. mercier’s also has a room filled with baskets, flowers and candles to decorate the home. alas, i must now trek back to the blue ridge mountains and fill my car with goodies.