my stupidity

i sprained my foot. well, according to the doctor, BADLY sprained my foot. and i don’t even have a good reason, like kicking joe (joking!). nope. i tripped over myself going down the stairs and fell on my right foot. in my own house. as my cats watched and laughed. yep. i’m a moron.

my mom and i thought it was broken because it didn’t swell. friday morning i could barely walk, so joe drove up here, picked me up and took me to cartersville medical center. it’s our favorite date place. we’ve been there twice…more times than we’ve gone anywhere else! 🙂 we were only there about an hour and a half and were told it was a bad sprain. they wrapped it up, gave me crutches and two loritab (which i hear i can get $50 for each on the black market) and sent me on my merry way.

joe couldn’t take me back home because he had an appointment in atlanta, so he set me up on the couch at his house with ice on my foot. about half an hour later the medicine kicked in (oh what wonderful stuff it is) and i got real dizzy and about passed out. but i wasn’t in as much pain! i used the crutches for part of the weekend but gave up after i started injuring myself even more with them. i’m just not smart enough to use those things. hehe. yesterday i wore my shoe for the first time, albeit untied. today i’m still hurting but at least it’s not as bad.

somewhat true, maybe
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today’s monday madness

1. I wish I had more _time_________.
2. I usually think about changing my blog layout when ____i’m bored_____.
3. If more people would be ___considerate______, the world would be a better place.
4. I really should ____write recreationally______ more often.
5. The weather we’re having right now is ______gorgeous__.
6. When it’s time to plant a garden, I’d like to plant __roses or tulips______.
7. When I’m running late, I sometimes forget to ____take my arthritis meds_____.
8. When I can’t think of anything to blog about, I usually ___don’t :)______.

my little bookworm

i took this picture of aj this morning while he was picking out a book to read. i just couldn’t resist. you just don’t get much cuter than this.

happy birthday

today is stacey’s birthday! happy birthday! can’t wait to hear how costello was!! 🙂

energized passion :)

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