thin mints update

so i just told joe about my thin mints post. he says i’m a jerk and he will take my thin mints back. let him just try…:)

damn cookies

i have decided i want to lose at least 15 pounds, even though i have no willpower whatsoever. joe does not think i need to lose weight. joe proceeded to buy me a box of thin mint cookies (my absolute favorite!) from the girl scouts. so while i am trying to eat well, i also am getting in my daily dose of thin mints. sigh. i think it’s a sign. i’m not supposed to diet! hehe.

monday madness

how many……..
1. …computer-related gadgets do you own? 4
2. …pictures on your living room walls? 4 — one painting my grandfather did and three delacroix paintings
3. …magnets on your refrigerator? 8
4. …reference books in your bookshelves? it would take me all day to count them!
5. …boxes of cereal in your cupboards? 1
6. …lamps in your house? 5
7. …times a week do you shop for groceries? 1
8. …magazines do you subscribe to? 0
9. …tv programs do you watch on a regular basis? at least 10 — survivor, the apprentice, the amazing race, trading spouses, wife swap, desperate housewives, blind justice, boston legal, simpsons, arrested development
10. …items on your bathroom counter that don’t really need to be there? absolutely none. they’re all essential!

four months!

today is our four month anniversary. yep, i’m the kind of dork who gets excited about things like that. i love you more than you know baby! today is also the day that i become a baseball widow. joe’s fantasy baseball draft today kicks off baseball season which lasts, what, the rest of the year?! now, i am a baseball fan and i plan to attend as many games as possible, but i have a feeling i won’t be seeing my boyfriend much over the next nine months. maybe that’s because in his new year’s resolution column one of his resolutions was to at least remember my name. hmmm. no really, it’s ok. he can have his fantasy baseball, which i’ll probably never understand, no matter how many times he tries to explain it to me. he can have his televised games and trips to the stadium. as long as i go with him, that is. 🙂

dead penguin

i love this picture. i think stacey is the one who sent it to me. ok, so stacey says she didn’t. hmmm. well then i have no idea who i got this from! but it’s cute just the same! hehe.

another fun game!

following stacey’s lead, i thought i’d share my favorite game with you all. i am absolutely addicted to spear toss. i can play this game for hours. and yes, that makes me someone who is quite easily amused. 🙂 seriously though, check it out. it’s great. and there are other fun games on the site too.