Weekly Totals ~ 5/17/13

So….I made three trips to three stores this week, but I only have one receipt. Because, of course. That’s just an idea of how crazy my week has been.

The one I have is from today’s Kroger trip, during which I used the $50 coupon I won in the recent instant win game! I seriously have never been so excited – $50 off groceries?? Yes, please!

Instead of trying to come up with a big coupon trip, I used my $50 to stock up on canned beans and other items that I never seem to find coupons for. I also got some produce and cat food, so it was a great trip in my book! And, while I didn’t get coupons, pretty much everything I got was on sale (I was psyched about the wheelie cars – $1.50 each down from $4.99!)!

Here’s what I got at Kroger:

Princess Wheelie Cars x 2 = $3
Pet Pride Cat Food = $9.99
Kroger Deluxe Mac n Cheese = $1.87
Kroger Mac n Cheese x 2 = $1
Chef Boyardee Mini Dinos x 2 = $2
Princess Spaghetti-o’s x 2 = $2.38
Kroger Spaghetti-o’s x 2 = $1.18
Kroger Mini Ravioli x 2 = $1.54
Bush’s Grillin’ Beans = $1.67
Kroger Kidney Beans x 2 = $1.38
Kroger Chili Beans x 6 = $3.60
Kroger Black Beans x 6 = $3.60
Kroger Turkey Lunch Meat = $2.74
Kroger Paper Plates = $1.79
Kroger Hamburger Buns = $1.79
Kroger Crescent Rolls = $1.79
Squash = $0.89
Kroger Hot Dog Buns = $0.88
Mushrooms = $3.98
Kroger Chili Seasoning x 2 = $1.58
Cherry Tomatoes = $2.50

After my $50 coupon, my total was $1.63 for a 97% savings! I’m pretty psyched and glad to have more canned items on hand now!

Climbing, Sliding, Jumping, Riding!

Boy, did we have fun the last three weeks that the carnival was in town! It was only supposed to be here for two weeks, but its next location got rained out so we lucked out with an extra week of fun!

We took Lucy 3 or 4 times, and the last time we went, we got Joe and Lucy wristbands for the day. My kiddo had a BLAST! Her favorite ride? The roller coaster! She is a girl after  her Daddy’s own heart! She also loved the Scrambler and the 30-foot slide, among other rides.

I didn’t go on any of the rides because I’m scared of roller coasters (even the ones like this one that was only as high as I am tall), and I get sick on other rides. But, I had SO much fun watching Joe and Lucy have a blast together. Seriously. It was awesome.







What’s your favorite carnival ride??

Losing Nana


Wow. I can’t believe it’s been a week since I’ve posted. It’s been a whirlwind in our house and, since last Wednesday, I think I spent a total of 5 minutes on the computer.

Last Tuesday, just before 7 a.m., we got the call that Joe’s grandma, Nana, wasn’t able to get much oxygen and that this likely was it. We rushed to the hospital in Atlanta – rush being a figure of speech here since it was morning rush hour – and hoped to make it on time. She was hanging on when we got there, and Joe’s entire family spent the day with her at the hospital. She couldn’t talk to us, but I think she enjoyed just having us there and hearing us talking.

I left around lunch time to take Lucy to a friend’s house because we honestly had no idea how long we’d be there. When I got back to the hospital, Nana had just passed away. I felt awful that I hadn’t been there but, in retrospect, I think it was nice for just the four people in Joe’s family to be there (our brother-in-law had left to pick up their kids, too).

And, when did Nana die? You guessed it – right before evening rush hour. She timed the whole day perfectly, and she would have thought that was hilarious. Seriously. She had the best sense of humor. Wednesday was spent packing and getting everything ready to go here, and we headed out of town Thursday morning for South Carolina, where we laid Nana to rest on Friday. It was a busy trip that ran the gamut in terms of emotion. We were incredibly sad for the reason we were there, but we also had fun seeing the rest of Joe’s family and doing things like going to the zoo.

It’s still hard to remember she’s gone – I keep catching myself asking Joe if his mom had visited Nana and how she was doing. Nana was just like my own grandmother. I loved her and will miss her very much.

trip to nana's-peach picking


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Menu Plan Monday ~ 4/29/13

menu plan monday

I have a pretty simple week planned. I was hoping to find a new recipe to try this week, but that just didn’t happen. I’ve been so crazy busy lately.

Here’s what I have planned this week:

Monday: Spaghetti, rolls, veggies
Tuesday: Baked potatoes, garlic broccoli
Wednesday: Tacos, Spanish rice
Thursday: Post-gymnastics Taco Bell feast
Friday: Sloppy Joe’s, salad

What’s on your menu this week??

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Week in Smart Phone Pics ~ 17/52

We had a super fun week last week! We cooked together, we played at the park and we went to the carnival, among other things! I can’t wait to take Lucy back to the carnival before it leaves town!



  • Making UV bracelets for Earth Day
  • Got a new Disney Princess baby
  • Made pizza rolls with Mommy
  • Synchronized vacuuming with Daddy
  • Strawberry picking
  • Playing with Grandma and Grandpa’s new dog, Boo
  • Playing at the park
  • And, modeling our new Thirty-One Cinch Sac!

Of course, I had to do a separate collage for the carnival. We had so much fun! Lucy went on a rollercoaster TWICE. She is WAY more brave than Mommy is!



What did you do last week??

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