On Having Sinus Surgery

So, last Monday, I had sinus surgery. My doctor opened up and cleaned out three of my four sinuses. According to him, it went as perfectly as possible.

And, it was not fun. At.All. Joe had one sinus cleaned out and had a septoplasty done last year, and I saw how miserable his recovery was. Mine, while completely different, was just as miserable. I was off work and in bed all week, and some people commented that they didn’t think the recovery was that bad. That’s because they’ve never gone through it. You just can’t understand unless you’ve been there.

All week, I had this horrible pressure in my head, and I felt like I had the WORST sinus infection ever. It was awful. I took two Lortabs a day to help me sleep, but all that really did was knock me out. There wasn’t any relief while I was awake. And, I couldn’t sniff or blow my nose, which I reallllllly needed to do. I did cheat a couple times and blow my nose very gently. I also had to sleep with my head elevated, which means I now have a horrible muscle ache on the left side of my neck. All in all, a pretty miserable way to spend a week of vacation.

Yesterday, I went in to have the packing taken out. Luckily, my doctor only used two pieces of packing, unlike Joe’s, who filled his sinuses with packing. My post-op visit took 5 minutes; Joe’s took 30 minutes. They told me to take a Lortab on my way to the office, but that really didn’t do any good since it didn’t kick in until after I got home. Thank goodness it wasn’t TOO painful. There were two spots where it hurt. Other than that, it was just very uncomfortable. However, once the packing was out, it was like a 360-degree change. The pressure was suddenly gone. It was amazing.

I still have a sinus headache, which I’ve read is normal if you suffered from those before sinus surgery. However, I’ll probably call my doctor’s office on Monday just to be sure. I go back in a month to make sure everything has healed well. I’m expected a good report.

And, I hope to never, ever have sinus surgery again.

Awesome Shave Gel Deal

Recently, I had been lamenting the ability to get good deals on shaving cream. There never seem to be any really good sales to pair with coupons, so I rarely get a good price.

Until today. CVS is running an awesome ECB deal on Schick products: buy $20 in products and get $10 ECB. That includes the Edge shave gel, and the Skintimate shave gel AND cream shave, which are on sale for $2.19. Pair that with the awesome $1.50/1 and $1/1 cream shave coupons, and you have the makings of a great deal.

I sent Joe out around 7 a.m. thinking that would be early enough. I guess I was wrong. The CVS he went to was out of cream shave. We have two other CVS stores in town, but the employees at the store Joe hit were nice enough to let him use my cream shave coupons on the shave gel. Score!

Here’s my deal:
(10) Skintimate shave gels (there were plenty, so we didn’t clear the shelves), $2.19/each
Total: $21.90
Coupons: (8) $1.50/1 cream shave, (2) $1/1 cream shave
ECB: $6
Total OOP with tax: $3.08
Total remaining ECB: $10

That’s about a $7 profit!! It’s too bad this deal is limited to one per household!

A Date with the OR

By this time on Monday, I should be in an OR in a deep sleep and on my way to *hopefully* fewer sinus infections.

I am having 3 of my 4 sinuses operated on. I’ve always gotten sinus infections, but recently I’ve been getting them every month or so. A CT scan showed that three of my sinuses — the maxillary, frontal and ethmoid — have openings that are the size of the point of a pencil. That means that when they swell and get infected, they completely close, whereas normal sinuses will still have an opening to enable everything to drain. Since my openings completely close, nothing drains, which explains all my infections and the constant pressure I have in my head.

I’m kind of nervous. I always get a little antsy when it comes to anesthesia because I always worry that I won’t wake up. But, the hospital where my surgery will be done is excellent, and I was very impressed with the pre-op workup that included blood work and an EKG. And, the ability to breath and not feel like my head is full of crud will be worth it.

Only 46 hours to go….

I’m looking forward to taking Lucy to a friend’s birthday party today. She’s going to have a blast!

Being in radio, I hear the big Solo headphones when I go on the air every day to do the news. It’s hard to transition back to my regular headphones or ear buds when I’m at home! Maybe I’ll have to invest in a pair of big headphones for home, too. That would be fun, even though it might look a little odd when connected to my iPhone. 🙂

One of these days, we’d like to start saving more than we already are. We’ve kind of been bad in that respect, and we’re trying to really be tough on ourselves. Ideally, it would be nice to forgo our current savings account and invest our money in a CD after checking out the CD type annuity rates. We’d definitely be able to get a higher interest rate and more bang for our buck by going that route.