How many of you watch Lifetime?

*looks for a show of hands*

I love Lifetime. One of the assistant district attorneys I worked with told me when he got home one night his wife started yelling at him because of a Lifetime movie she’d been watching. His question to me was “Why can’t you guys ever watch the good husbands channel?”

Now, I know the movies can be a little on the anti-male side, but I really like the tv shows. I used to watch reruns of Reba and Still Standing in the evenings, and now one of my new favorites is the Lifetime Original Army Wives. I started watching after last season by catching up on iTunes, and I’ve become addicted. The actresses spend time with wives of soldiers, and I’ve actually read interviews with really army wives who say the show is pretty accurate. Besides watching the show, I love all the extras on Lifetime’s Web site, like interviews with the actresses, games and astrological readings, just to name a few.

So are you guys fans of Lifetime? What’s your favorite Lifetime show?


Has anyone watched the new 90210 series? I was a big fan of the original Beverly Hills 90210 and was a bit skeptical when I first heard of the spinoff series. But, I watched the pilot and was a little more impressed than I thought it would be. I love how Kelly is a main character and how Brenda and Nat were in the pilot. Plus, they really kept all the characters the same with Kelly’s sister, Erin, and same actress who played Kelly’s mom in the original series was back in this one as well. In my opinion, it’s basically the same show with different people, but it works. If you watched it, what did you think?

fashion don’t

i don’t know how many of you watch big brother, but last night, host julie chen stole the show.

julie chen

her bright orange pantsuit glowed. they really didn’t need lights on the set because julie lit it pretty well. who looks at that outfit and says, “this would be fabulous for your live show”?

“sophia” dies

estelle getty died today. she was best known for her role as “sophia” on “the golden girls”, which is one of my favorite shows. she was by far my favorite character because of her witty sense of humor. she always made me laugh, especially when her insults to rose went right over rose’s head.

were any of you “golden girls” fans? who was your favorite?

weekend recap

we had a fun, relaxing weekend. well, relaxing for the most part. as i mentioned before, we headed to atlanta early saturday morning for my ultrasound, which was a total bust. i’m still bummed about it.

after we got home, we slept for about four hours, and then joe went to the park for his run. instead of a 10-mile run like he had planned, he ended up doing only 8 miles because of the intense heat. i don’t blame him. i don’t know how he runs when the temperatures are as high as they are here.

that night, we met joe’s parents in kennesaw to see “the dark knight“. it was fabulous. it was very dark, as the reviews had said, but definitely was the best movie of the year so far. heath ledger definitely was the best actor. i know that’s being said a lot since his death, but it’s the truth. his performance was amazing. aaron eckhart, who played the district attorney/two face, was awesome as well. several people brought their children, which surprised us. it was *not* a good movie for kids.

sunday was a nice day as well. i worked in the morning, and when i came home i helped joe plant our crape myrtle. we’ve decided to to do a row of these trees in front of our house, which i think will be very pretty. add a white fence and you’ve got a pretty idylic scene. it’s funny because i’ve never noticed these trees before, but now that we have one i see them all over the place.

crepe myrtle

we also went to bruster’s and shared a hot fudge brownie sundae (yum!) before returning home to watch the braves game. really, though, it wasn’t a game. it was more batting practice for the nationals. and, as i said to joe, what does it say about the braves when they lose 15-6 to the worst team in the national league? not a whole lot, i’m afraid.

our regular sunday night shows made for a perfect end to the day.

now it’s your turn. what did you do this weekend?

it’s the story of a man named brady . . .

i am a *huge* “brady bunch” fan. i watched constantly watched reruns when i was younger, and before my sister got married we had a tradition of watching “a very brady christmas” every year when she and my now brother-in-law would visit us in maryland for the holidays.

so when i heard that the man who hosts the saturday morning show at the station was going to interview barry williams, i was beyond excited. in fact, i screamed. that scared joe and kevin who thought something had happened to me.

i always thought greg brady was cute (come on, tell me i wasn’t the only one!), and he’s just as cute now as he was then. i haven’t had a chance to listen to the interview, but alan said it went really well. i didn’t know it at the time, but barry williams was actually here in cartersville signing autographs. i told my fil he is special because i chose to go see him for father’s day over meeting barry williams. 🙂

one question alan asked during the interview was regarding how williams feels being linked to greg brady. he said that he’s fine with people remembering him as the brady’s oldest son. he said that he knows that’s how he really got started and got his foot in the door acting. however, i know many actors and actresses don’t feel that way. he told alan he doesn’t keep in touch with eve plumb, who played jan, because she *hates* being known just for “the brady bunch”. she feels there’s more to her than that. i really don’t think that’s the right attitude to have. sure, if you are an actor or an actress you’re going to be recognized and known for your major role. for her, that was jan brady. as i told joe tonight, if i was in a tv show more than 30 years ago and i was still being recognized as that character, i’d be flattered. i’m sure there aren’t a lot of actors who are recognized that long after.

going back to “the brady bunch” . . . when i was in elementary school, “the brady bunch musical” came to the kennedy center in washington, d.c. i really wanted to go, so my grandma bought tickets for me, my cousin emily and her. we arrived, and the usher taking the tickets asked my grandma if she really wanted to take me in to the show. as my dad says now, that should have been a warning sign. but, she didn’t think anything about it and said, “of course. it’s “the brady bunch’.”

we went in, found our seats and the show started. but, it wasn’t “the brady bunch” i had known. instead of a loving, musical family it was an incestuous family in which the siblings were having sexual relationships with each other, etc. needless to say, we left soon after it started.

i was more than happy to go back home and watch my favorite family on tv.