The Scarlet ‘C’

I headed out to Publix early this morning to take advantage of a sale that, when paired with a coupon, made for free deodorant. I went to the Publix in Acworth because it was on my way to our mom’s group meetup, so I figured I could run in quickly, grab what I needed and be on my way.

Boy, was I wrong. When I got to the register and handed my coupons to the cashier, she glanced at them and then said, “You copied these coupons.”

Um, no. I told her I had printed them off my computer, and she replied, “Really? Because they look copied to me.”

And so, I had to wait there with a fussy baby while she got a manager so she could show her my “photocopied” coupons.

I’m the girl who wouldn’t even cheat on a test at school but I’m going to cheat the system and use photocopied coupons. Right.

Eventually, I left with my purchases and an apology that it had taken so long. How about an apology for accusing me of cheating?

Does this mean I have to wear a scarlet “C” now?

$10 off your order at Medco

This deal is such a great one that I had to share it with you all. Go to Medco Health Store and use code MHS10 to get $10 off your order. Shipping is only $0.99! You can get some great buys on baby and other items!

Toy Question

Is a gloworm a good gift for a 1-year-old? The description says up to 18 months for age, but since I’m new at this parenting thing, I’m wanting to make sure that’s something a 1-year-old would play with. Thoughts?

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I’m trying to get more into couponing, especially now that I have diapers and formula to buy. I’ve found it difficult to find coupons for the food I buy for meals since I’m a pretty picky eater, but I definitely have been finding and receiving coupons for baby and other grocery items. However, I don’t have anything to organize them in. My sister uses a 4×6 photo album with tabs for each category, and her system works great, but I think it’s rather bulky. I’m looking for a small binder that can fit in my diaper bag or purse with pocket pages to slide the coupons in for easy reference and customizable tabs. I wonder if I’m asking for too much! Any ideas? For those of you who coupon, what do you use as an organizer?

50 Prints for 50 Cents

Here’s a great deal from Snapfish that’s good through tomorrow. Use coupon code NewYear50 at checkout and get 50 prints for 50 cents. It’s perfect for printing all those holiday pictures!

Back to the Drawing Board

Remember the dress I ordered for the Valentine’s gala? It arrived yesterday, and it is gorgeous. I tried it on, and it fit perfectly, except in one area. My *boobs* are too big for it. Seriously?? I think this is the *first* time I’ve been bummed out about having that kind of problem. So, now the dress is going back and I’m hoping to find something around town. Otherwise, I will just have to freeze in one of my shorter dresses.