i started in on harry potter and the deathly hallows yesterday, and last night my brother and i talked about big events leading up to where i had left off. we mentioned a certain character’s death, and joe started yelling. apparently, he had been reading over my shoulder. randy and i thought it was hilarious. today, we said that we should have made up things that happened, like, “wow, i can’t believe voldemort is really harry’s dad!” that’s what joe gets for reading over my shoulder! 🙂

rain, rain, go away

seriously. please do. this raining all week thing is getting old, and i’d really like to wear my cute capris and sandals again. thanks!

does anyone know how to make mushrooms stop growing? we have these nasty yellow mushrooms growing *all over* our front yard. i figure we’ll dig them up to get rid of them, but is there any way to prevent them from growing in the first place?

wedding keepsake box dilemmas

a month after our wedding, i received our beautiful wedding keepsake box. it hung in our apartment, and, of course, was going to hang here until i noticed the matting on one of the sides was coming apart.

back it went to the woman who made it. she also buffed out a scratch on the dome. great. i got it back a couple of weeks ago, and last sunday rachel wanted to see it while she was here. i had it still wrapped exactly how it came so the dome wouldn’t get scratched again before we hung it. this is what happened when i unwrapped it.

keepsake box 3

she had put the tape directly on the box, and it took the paint off. she told me i shouldn’t have kept the tape on so long. yeah, well, maybe she shouldn’t have put the tape on to begin with. now she has it again, and i got an email saying she doesn’t know how she’s going to fix it. there will be a way because i paid way too much to have it ruined.

soul 2 soul

that’s where i’m going to be tomorrow night–faith hill and tim mcgraw’s soul 2 soul tour in atlanta. i am *so* excited. i can’t remember the last concert i went to, and i *love* faith hill and tim mcgraw. it’s going to be so great. and, it’s the first concert joe and i will have gone to together. one of his coworkers is going too, so we’re meeting up with her and her husband beforehand, which will also be fun. i can’t wait!

rockin’ girls

i have been nominated by chas for the rockin’ girl blogger award. i am quite honored by this. this is what chas had to say:

Cady just seems like a really down to earth girl. She is coming upon her first wedding anniversary in a couple of months, and reading her blog reminds me of my life just after I’d gotten married. She is thinking about babies in the near future, and I am eagerly anticipating her blog becoming a pregnancy blog! She keeps it real w/ her password protected posts…she just lays all of her insecurities and emotions right there on the table, so to speak. Oh, and she’s from my hometown and loved New Kids on the Block when she was little…what’s not to like!?!

now i get to nominate five rockin’ girls of my own. i picked some of my favorite reads who i don’t think have been nominated yet. i think all the bloggers i read are rockin’, so it was hard for me to decide. here they are in no particular order:

liz at need your pillow fluffed: liz got married a few months before i did last year. i was able to follow her through her wedding plans and now through her pregnancy with her first daughter. liz is also a fellow cat owner, and really reminds me of myself.

stacey at i need a [permanent] vacation: stacey is one of my good friends. i love reading her blog because her posts are very well-written and humorous. she’s funny and sarcastic when she wants to be, and she cracks me up. she also is a fellow cat owner too and loves posting about her beautiful cat, anna.

laura at love this life: laura does what her title suggests. she loves life and lets us read all about it. she also loves her family, who she recently moved away from, and her friends. i love reading about all the fun and crazy times she has, and i love how she loves to post pictures. oh, and laura lives in d.c. now, which is near where i used to live in maryland, so i can reminisice when i read her d.c./maryland-centered posts.

janet at love is blonde: janet also lives in d.c., and she is another newlywed who is now househunting with her hubby. i love reading her well-written, witty posts. janet also does a nifty love/hate post every friday, which i have yet to participate in on a regular basis. i never feel as creative as she is. 🙂

sara at this is the story of a girl: sara happens to be a friend of joe’s from high school. how crazy is that? she is planning her wedding for next year, and i love reading about her plans and seeing pictures of things she’s chosen so far (like her dress and dresses for her bridesmaids). she also happens to have three of the cutest kids ever. 🙂

there you go! now, you guys pass on your nominations to five people!

droughts and decks

we’re in a drought here in georgia. in my county, we’re in an extreme drought, which means we can only water three days a week (days determined by whether you are an odd or even address) from midnight until 10 a.m. that’s not so great for my grass and azaleas because we always forget (by we i mean i because joe leave early for work).

even thought it’s rough being in a drought, joe figured it would be a great time to stain our deck. we hadn’t had rain in a couple weeks, so he set out. he got about halfway done the first day and planned to finish the next.

then came the rain. that was at least a month ago, and it hasn’t stopped raining long enough for the deck to dry out so joe can finish it. now, the wood is starting to mildew (ew!), and if it ever does stop raining, we’ll have to pressure wash it before we can finish staining (by we i mean joe). and, it hasn’t even impacted our drought situation. sigh.

as much as i hate to say it, i really, really wish it would stop raining for a few days. but, with rain in the forecast through at least saturday, there is no end in sight.