I am big into purses. I love buying purses, and I tend to pick one up on a semi-regular basis. Of course, I have my favorite designers, but one I hadn’t heard of before was Rebecca Minkoff. I’ve been looking around online, and I just LOVE Rebecca Minkoff handbags. I love the styles. They’re just what I like to carry. I just wish they weren’t so expensive!

I’m always looking for new iphone accessories to buy. My most recent acquisition is an Otterbox case, which is awesome, and now I want a cradle for my car that I can put my phone in so I can listen to music without having my phone just laying around on the seat or sitting in the cup holder. I just need to find one.

Stockpiling Gifts

I’m on a mission now to start stockpiling items to give as gifts. I tend to do all my shopping at the last minute, whether it’s right before a birthday or in the last few weeks before Christmas and Hannukah.

This year, I’m picking up things as I see them at great prices throughout the year. I shop both in stores and online at some of my favorite sites, like Redenvelope.com. I’ve got a pretty good gift stockpile right now, and I’m hoping to continue to increase it. My goal is to get to the point where I go “shopping” in my stockpile when holidays and birthdays roll around.

How about you? Do you wait until the last minute for gift shopping, too?

Lucy’s 7 Month Portraits

I know they’re late seeing as how Lucy turned 8 months old today, but at least we got them done!








Higher Education

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Ashworth College. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’ve always wanted to go back to school to further my education. Of course, I thought that would be in the form of a Master’s or Doctorate degree, but recently I’ve been thinking that it might be nice to get either an Associate’s degree or Bachelor’s degree in a different field. That would give me more of a background in a different area.

Going back to school is hard with a little one, though. I feel like there’s not enough time in the day as it is, and when you add in trekking to Atlanta for classes, I don’t think I’d ever see my daughter or husband. I’ve been thinking that getting on Online degree through a distance learning program is the way to go. That way I can work at home at my own pace and still spend time with Lucy. And, with an online program, I’m not limited to the schools in Atlanta and the courses they offer. I can look at any college, like Ashworth, which offers more than 100 courses, like web design. I’ve been wanting to learn web design because blog design is a pretty lucrative business these days!

Have any of you guys ever thought about going back to school? What would you want to go back to study?

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Election Day

Yesterday was primary election day here in Georgia. It was Lucy’s first introduction to voting. Start ’em young!

voting 1

Lucy was pretty proud of being a Georgia voter!

voting 2

Election day is one of the reasons I love being in the media. It’s pretty much the pinnacle of what we do. I was on the air throughout the night reporting numbers. We ended up with quite an upset in the local county school board race with none of the incumbents being re-elected.

This is a pretty big election year for us, with many state officers up, including governor. I’m really looking forward to the general election in November!