i am in love . . .

…and i’m not talking about joe this time, even though i am in love with him(sorry sweetie!). let me introduce you to my new favorite place: mercier’s orchards . joe and i went there with his parents this weekend. they had told me it was great, but i had no idea how incredible this place is. they have many different kinds of apples, as well as other fruits when they’re seasonal, and the best apple cider i’ve ever had. they also sell every kind of jam, jelly and preserve known to man. i’d never heard of corn cob jelly and jalapeno jelly before. i had their dutch apple preserves on my toast this morning. it has chunks of apple in it and is the most delicious thing i’ve ever had. mercier’s also has a room filled with baskets, flowers and candles to decorate the home. alas, i must now trek back to the blue ridge mountains and fill my car with goodies.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    There you are! I had forgotten to bookmark you and I couldn’t find you. 🙂

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