black friday

my plans today were to hit parisian to get a pair of boots on sale and then head to the cabin to spend time with joe’s family.

instead, i’m at home with the flu. yes, i am sick on thanksgiving weekend. i noticed i was more congested than usual yesterday while we were at my parents’ house, but just figured my allergies were going crazy. however, after we arrived home last night, i started feeling really bad. i was achy all over and had chills. my doctor confirmed it today. he said my heart was racing, which means i probably have a fever but the thermometer isn’t picking it up.

i feel bad that we’re stuck here, but i don’t want to get joe’s family sick. hopefully the antibiotic my doctor prescribed will kick in quickly and we’ll be able to go up tomorrow. i will tell more about our thanksgiving later, including the *yummy* desserts i made. i hope you all are having a better holiday than i am!

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