wedding centerpieces

reading about other bloggers’ recent weddings and planning for upcoming weddings has made me think back to my own wedding. when i was planning my wedding, i wanted to come up with something creative for the centerpieces at my reception. i wanted something pretty but not too fancy since our reception was a casual, outdoor event. my cousin got married a year before me, and she used pots of grass as her wedding table decorations. she is very big on the environment and “thinking green”, so it was a great choice for her. when her parents came out to visit after the wedding they brought pictures, and even though grass wouldn’t have been my first choice it ended up looking nice.

i looked at numerous wedding centerpiece ideas, and i didn’t really know what i wanted until joe and i traveled to south carolina to visit his grandmother and, at one of the many dollar stores in her small town, we found wedding cake candles. i immediately knew i wanted to include those in my centerpieces. we had nana stock up on them, and she sent us more than enough for centerpieces at all of our tables. i wanted them in some kind of container, but i really didn’t have any brilliant ideas. so, when my sister (and matron of honor) wanted to do them, i was more than happy to hand them off to her. and, since she lives in north carolina, it was nice to have her involved as much as possible. here is what she made:

wedding centerpiece

that is a bad picture of them. they turned out great and were really pretty. i loved them. our guests loved them, and they looked very pretty in the courtyard of the historic courthouse where we got married. what did you have as the centerpiece at your wedding? if you’re planning your wedding, what do you want to use for you centerpiece?

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  1. Laura says:

    How pretty! I am quite proud of the centerpieces we did. They were glass bowls with clear pebbles in the bottom, filled with water and floating candles. They were situated on mirrors with flower garland around the edges. They were super simple to make and BEAUTIFUL. Best of all, we were really thrifty about them – the components were purchased from Walmart, Big Lots, and the Roseville swap meet. Believe it or not, people kept commenting on them and asking where we had them made. Goes to show you can do something really nice on a small budget with time and effort! 😉

  2. Jess says:

    Those look nice! I am taking my inspiration from a picture of an all-purple reception table that I found in a wedding magazine–dark purple tablecloth, light purple napkin, and a few small vases in the middle, each with one different type of purple flower in it. And lots of candles, mostly tall purple tapers.

  3. janet says:

    I love cheap centerpieces! Mine were a pile of limes (so cheap in mexico!) accented by one huge lily bloom ($1?) and a few tealight candles.

  4. jennifer says:

    holy crap! I can’t remember!!!! MUST FIND PICTURES!!

  5. Liz says:

    Ooh, so pretty! Centerpieces took us awhile, but I was happy with our results. I’m going to go post mine now!

  6. Chas says:

    Mine were similar to the way Laura’s sound. There was a cracked glass bowl on a stand, filled with water with candles floating. We had the candles poured especially for the occasion with a really light scent that made the place smell so good.

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