the new job

today is joe’s first day at his new job, and he’s been quite busy. in fact, he has a schedule for his first three days that looks as though it will keep him occupied all day. that’s good, though. for those of you who don’t know, joe is the new director of marketing at tellus: northwest georgia science museum. we both work for the same company now which is nice but also weird. we met up for lunch (it’s so nice to be working in the same town!), and he gave me a rundown of everything he’s done. he really likes the job, though, and i think he’ll be happier now. i hope so.

but, he really misses the kids at the school. he read to a couple of classes every week, so they really got attached to him, and he had a group of girls that stopped by his office every day to chat. a lot of the kids made goodbye cards for him, and they were really cute. most of them said either “we miss you” or “goodbye mr. joe”.

joe cards

the one that really touched both of us was in the shape of a boat. the boy who made it wrote “i miss you. come back plese mr. joe” on the front and at the bottom in pencil, he added, “if you come back turn this over.” on the back, he had made it look like a boat that is heading back to the school. so.freakin. cute.

joe card 2

i know it was hard for joe to leave the school, but this job is better for him in the long run. it’s a good step up in his career (since it will be such a large museum), and the lack of a commute into atlanta will really help his stress level and well being.

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  1. Laurel says:

    Congrats on the new job, Joe! All the same, those notes from kids are pretty darn adorable… I’d miss them, too.

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