celebrating mothers

i was pretty bummed today. we went to my parents’ to celebrate mother’s day, and it was hard being the only woman at the table without cards and presents, especially considering how long we’ve been trying to get pregnant. it really bummed me out. my parents were really supportive and were as encouraging as always, but it still sucked.

the bright spot today was getting to see my big sister graduate from the university of north carolina at wilmington. they had the commencement ceremony online, and started handing out diplomas shortly after it started. we stopped eating and went into my grandparents’ study to watch but noticed that they would announce names but no one would walk across the stage. it turns out they had two lines of graduates and they alternated, but luckily when lisa’s name was called the camera was on her. she looked so beautiful and so happy, and i am so, so proud of her. she used her maiden name as her middle name, which was really neat too. i thought my dad was going to cry watching her get her diploma. i know it makes him feel good, and i’m really glad that we were able to see it.

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  1. sara says:

    I graduated from UNCW too!!!

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