professional wedding pictures

we picked up our professional wedding pictures on our way to ryan’s wedding last friday. it was great to see james, our photographer, again, and to finally see our pictures. he did a fabulous job. i’m so excited to share them with everyone. i thought i’d post some of my favorites. i hope you guys don’t mind looking at a lot of pictures, because i had a lot of favorites. 🙂

these pictures were taken by one of my coworkers.


i love this next one because it’s so candid. i was sitting in the chapel, and in between pictures my dad came over to give me a kiss and tell me he loves me.

these next two are really neat too, because james took it of me and joe before the wedding without us seeing each other, though it looks like we did.

i love this picture of me and my beautiful older sister.

these pictures of the groomsmen are hilarious. in the first one, joe is trying to run away, and his dad is holding onto the back of his tux jacket. in the second, joe’s dad is consoling him because i’m allegedly always late. too bad i never am. 🙂

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  1. Liz says:

    What a beautiful wedding and a beautiful bride! You look so happy!!!

  2. lisanne says:

    Those are BEAUTIFUL, wonderful pictures! I loved seeing them!

  3. Melissa says:

    Fantastic photos! Beautiful Bride + Handsome Groom = A fabulous wedding and an adorable couple!

  4. Laura says:

    What great pics!! Wedding pictures are my favorite 🙂

  5. Lisa says:

    You were a stunning bride! So Pretty!

  6. glass beads says:

    good points.I can’t agree any more. thanks very much for that..Well worth to read this article

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