starting the new year

we began the new year alone. we had planned a new year’s eve party at our place since there are no alcohol sales in cartersville on sundays and none of the clubs would be open. most people said they’d “most likely” be here but would “let us know tomorrow.” tomorrow seemed to stretch a week, and no one called us back. we decided to spend the night by ourselves, and i’m kind of glad we did. it was fun being able to hang out in my pajamas and just relax with my husband. i ended up falling asleep around 11 p.m., and joe woke me up a few minutes before midnight to watch the ball drop, kiss, toast and then head back to bed.  🙂:)

the christmas decorations are mostly put away, and joe is vacuuming up the pine needles that covered our living room and hallway floors after taking our tree out today. it was sad to take everything down.

the new year has been pretty good so far, all two days of it. yesterday, we lounged around all day and then went to joe’s parents’ house for dinner. every new year’s day they have greens, rice and black-eyed peas, which are all symbols of good luck, as well as some kind of meat. since i’m the lone vegetarian, i enjoyed a griller sandwich and baked potato. yum.

today, joe headed out to take the tree to the dump while i watched the episodes of wildfire i taped on new year’s day, and then we went to cracker barrel for lunch, using up the last of our gift cards from my parents. i love that restaurant. it’s so good and so filling. tonight we’re going to kick back and relax again (it’s been a relaxing week) since we both go back to work tomorrow. blah.

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