the great debate

tonight will be a first for me. i am on a panel questioning candidates on the july primary ballot. there are four contested races in the primary election, and while the reporters from the two local newspapers (one daily, one weekly) will be on the panel for all four debates, i’m splitting them with a coworker. i’m perfectly fine with that because i would be here all night if i had to pull sound for all four stories and write them. it’ll take me long enough with my two debates! mine are the last and are the most popular: district attorney and state house of representatives district 15.

it should be really interesting. one of the other reporters and i have some tough questions for them, so i’m interested to see how it goes. i have a feeling one will not be speaking to me and the other will not be speaking to her by the time it’s all over. the other reporter got all the softball questions, so she’s off the hook!

we are, of course, broadcasting it online tonight here. my first debate is scheduled to start around 7:20 p.m., so tune in if you get a chance! i’ll be the one sounding very, very nervous.

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