customer (dis)service, part 2

we got our camera today. yay!
it did not come with the software cd. boo!
so, i called ritz camera (because camera world is a subsidiary of ritz) which, of course, got me no where.

me: i received my camera today, but it didn’t come with the software cd.
rep: your package came with several dvds. i need to know which one you’re talking about.
me: the software cd.
rep: ok, i’m not understanding what you’re asking for.
me: the SOFTWARE CD that you use to put your pictures on the computer.
rep: oh. yeah, we can’t help you with that.

apparently, even though ritz is the company i ordered the camera through and they packed it and sent it to me, they can’t send me the software cd. i was given three options: call nikon and see if i can get them to send it to me, send back the camera (and pay shipping) and wait almost three weeks for a new package to arrive, or order and pay for a new camera, send the first camera back and eventually have my money reimbursed.

and this is why customer service in this country sucks.

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  1. LIsa says:

    Let me check and see if I have mine. I have a MAC so I won’t use the pC one. If so I will ship it out to you! How’s that for Customer Service? LOL

  2. k says:

    have you tried just plugging the camera into the computer without the software? i think that windows should let you download it… i can plug my both my cameras (one is a konica and the other a nikon) into my work computer without any software.

  3. cady says:

    lisa: thanks!

    k: yes, i tried connecting it without the software, and it wouldn’t work. our canon wouldn’t work without the software either. i don’t know if it’s because we have vista or what, but luckily i got a hold of nikon and they gave me a link to download the software.

  4. Devoted Mama says:

    Congrats on your new camera šŸ™‚ But sorry you’re having such awful customer service! Hopefully you’ll have the software cd soon~how awesome of Lisa to offer to send you one šŸ™‚

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