baseball and bagels

have i mentioned how excited i am about our trip to new york city this weekend? i haven’t? oh, well let me tell you then. i am SO FREAKIN EXCITED. it’s going to be a short trip, but it will be fun.

we’re leaving tomorrow morning, and as soon as we get settled at our hotel, we’re heading to queens. we’ll have several hours in between arriving and tomorrow night’s mets game, but we want time to find lunch and wander around the area near the stadium. i’ve heard there are a lot of neat shops there.

tomorrow night’s mets game is the whole point of our trip. we had to go to shea stadium before it’s torn down after this season. our friends who are going with us have been in nyc all week to catch a game at yankee stadium. it, too, is being torn down after this season. i’m pysched about this game. i’m so excited about possibly really pissing off the mets fans. we hate the mets down here. not only are they one of our big division rivals, but their fans just suck. so, in the spirit of good fun, i’m going to wear my chipper jones shirt. the mets fans *hate* chipper. to taunt them, he named his son shea after the mets stadium because he hits so many home runs there. so, if you hear on the news of someone being stoned out in the parking lot (and by stoned i do not mean getting high), that probably will be me. šŸ™‚

our first priority sunday is to track down a good ol’ jewish deli for some bagels. once you’ve had a new york bagel you can’t go back. after that, we have no plans, which is good. last time we went to new york we did a lot of the touristy thing, so this time we may spend time on 5th avenue. and, i’d like to hit rockefeller center and central park, since we didn’t have time for those during our last trip.

and then on monday we’re coming home. i’m also taking tuesday off, since my parents are coming to spend the night before our early morning trip to the airport on wednesday to see ryan and oriona off. i probably should take wednesday off too. i’ll probably roll in a little late that day.

what are your plans for this weekend?

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  1. Laura says:

    That sounds like so much fun!! Have a great time! I love the story about Chipper Jones. My best friend is a huge Braves fan and used to have a Chipper poster up in her dorm room. šŸ™‚

    I’m not sure how my weekend will go, but I’m going to the Sculpture Garden for Jazz Night in a few hours.

  2. Joe says:

    Take me out to the Baaaaaaaallgame… woohoo!

  3. jamie says:

    so jealous! i hope you have a blast. go braves =)

  4. Lisanne says:

    Wow! I hope that you have lots of fun! NYC is only 2.5 hours away from us by train (as you know). Maybe if you’re in NY again sometime, we can definitely meet up this time! Can’t wait to hear about your trip. Enjoy those bagels … oh yeah, they rock. So do the pretzels!

  5. Lisanne says:

    Ooooh! Love this new layout!

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