bring on the olympics

have any of you been watching the olympics? we watched off and on this afternoon and while there are some olympic sports that still surprise me (ping pong and badminton anyone?), there are several that i always watch: swimming, diving and gymnastics. we watched synchronized diving this evening, and it just amazes me how two people can be so in synch and dive right at the same time. i’m sure it takes a *lot* of practice.

my favorite summer olympic sport is gymnastics, which is probably because i’ve always wanted to be able to do gymnastics but never could. i can barely do a cartwheel! we just watched the first of the chinese women’s gymnastics team perform. they say that athletes are supposed to be 16 years old to compete, but she wasn’t 16. you could tell just by looking at her face. she didn’t look any older than 12, and even that was a stretch. even the announcers said she wasn’t 16. seriously, just go look at her picture. how do they get away with using such young girls?

i’m still amazed at how talented these athletes are. what’s your favorite summer olympic event?

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  1. Laura says:

    I can’t do a cartwheel at all. Not for lack of trying, though. I have zero flexibility.
    I like to watch diving… those people amaze me. Especially synchronized. I wouldn’t even be able to stand with my toes on the edge of the board without falling.

  2. Lynn says:

    My favorite is definitely gymnastics! I actually go to school with former Olympians Courtney Kupets and Courtney McCool!

    In regards to the Chinese girls and their age, one of the commentators was like, “I guarantee that everyone at home is thinking, ‘Could she be 16? Is she 12?’ But I can almost guarantee that each of them has looked at a student on a college campus and thought, ‘There’s no way they’re old enough to be in college.'” Well, first off, you can blatantly tell when a kid has hit puberty, and athletes tend to hit it later as is. But secondly.. there’s a damn good possibility that students on a college campus AREN’T 18+. The valedictorian at my high school skipped two grades over the course of her education, so she was 16 when she graduated. Plus there is joint enrollment stuff, so if you’ve got someone like my valedictorian joint enrolling… they could be 15. SAME THING HERE. And it kinda pisses me off.

    There was an article on Yahoo about Bela Karoyli voicing his opinion about the subject: There is NO way those girls are 16. Or technically, they could be 15, as long as they turn 16 by the end of 2008. But still. It is HIGHLY doubtful.

  3. k says:

    i love to watch swimming!

  4. Devoted Mama says:

    My fave events are the same as yours~swimming, diving, & gymnastics~w/swimming being my most fave! And, I looked @ the pic you posted & I totally agree; there’s NO way she’s 16!

  5. Jessica says:

    I, too, love gymnastics, swimming, and diving! And I totally agree, there is no way that some of those girls are 16! It’s impossible. I’m with Bela on this one. BTW, did you watch his reaction to some of the USA’s routines last night? Priceless!! He get so into it.

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