perfect present

joe and i exchanged wedding presents tonight. i gave him the book “running with scissors” by augustin burrows and a journal in which i recorded my thoughts and feelings leading up to the wedding. he loved them, especially the journal. i’ve never seen him that touched by a present before.

joe gave me a gorgeous silver charm bracelet with a purse charm. i absolutely love it. it’s so perfect, because i’m a purseaholic and a shopaholic. he said there were other charms he wants to add to it. it also has a heart that we are going to get engraved after the wedding. man. i never want to take it off. 🙂

he also has something he’s having delivered to me on the wedding day. i’m so curious as to what it is. he was picking up something at the mall today, and then said he has other things to pick tomorrow at the mall.

have i mentioned lately how much i love my fiance?

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  1. lisanne says:

    Two days to go!!! Those sound like super sweet gifts. Can you believe that TOMORROW is it???

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