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I really want to go to an Atlanta Falcons game this year. Yes, I know the Falcons suck. According to a recent story on Yahoo!, Atlanta is the worst city for sports. But, despite the fact that will most likely lose the game, I still want to go sometime during the season. I have never been to a professional football game before. I never even went to a Washington Redskins game in the 14 years I lived outside Washington D.C.

We figure Falcons tickets will be easy to come by this year. Besides the fact that the team is *really* bad, they also have the Michael Vick debacle working against them. I still think that is going to hurt their ticket sales this season, despite their die-hard fans.

There are several sites that I look at for tickets for concerts and sports games. One that I just started browsing is You can get tickets for any sporting event, from Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees tickets to Indianapolis Colts and Pittsburgh Steelers tickets as well as tickets to live shows, like Wicked, and concerts. I always prefer to buy my tickets from sites like this rather than Ticketmaster because you can usually get a *much* better deal, and I am all about saving money wherever I can. It’s hard to compare ticket sites because ticket availability and pricing can change daily, but Stubpass has a lot of tickets listed. I found 100 just for the Cleveland Indians game we’re going to in September.

So when we start to look for Falcons tickets in a month or so, Stubpass will join the list of ticket sites that I browse to find the best deal. What about you? What sites do you like to use when you are purchasing tickets?

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  1. Laura says:

    We use StubHub about as often as we use SFGiants ticketing. Both are great!
    I’ve never been to an NFL game, but I was checking out Ravens tix for the weekend I’ll be in Baltimore, and I couldn’t believe they only let you buy 2 at a time! Plus they are SO expensive! On StubHub they’re expensive too, but at least you can buy more together. 🙂

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