Ohio Stopover

We decided not to drive all the way to Cleveland the Thursday before Jon’s wedding. That’s because we’re now going to a Cincinnati Reds game!

We originally had tried to see if we could fit a Reds game into our weekend but, as the cities are 3 hours apart, we decided it just wouldn’t be feasible.

Then, today, my brother, Randy, who just returned from a trip to Detroit, told me that we will actually go *through* Cincinnati on our way to Cleveland. He pulled out his trusty Ohio map (bought while trying to find a way out of a 3-hour traffic jam on interstate 71) and confirmed the route.

So our tickets have arrived, and the hotel room is booked. We’ll head out of Cincinnati around 6 a.m. and arrive in Cleveland just after the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame opens. We can’t check in at the hotel there until the afternoon anyway, so we’ll have plenty of time to see the Rock and Roll Hall and hopefully the Football Hall of Fame as well.

That will be three stadiums visited this year, a Schulman record that I don’t think will be broken any time soon. But we can always try!

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  1. Jess says:

    Fun! I love baseball and I love this mission you guys have.

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