It was crazy here today as gas jumped between 30-cents and 50-cents a gallon and drivers packed into gas stations as Hurricane Ike prepared to hit the coast of Texas. I spent part of the afternoon driving around (in the company car at least) checking out how gas stations were faring and talking to some motorists. One station was out of everything but premium. Others had a 10 gallon limit per transaction.

It always amazes me how people flip out when a hurricane hits. The spokesman for AAA told me today that if there is a shortage it will be customer-driven because of the panic that always ensues. Yes, the refineries have shut down but, barrring any major damage, they should be back up and running again in a few days.

Until then, the price gougers are out in full force. Joe saw a few gas stations in Macon selling gas for more than $5 a gallon. And, of course, that has made everyone up here fearful. We overheard someone saying how it’s going to reach $5 tonight up here. I really doubt that. The irony is that the price of oil is still declining. Luckily, officials say that even though prices will stay up (and could get over $4 a gallon if Ike does some serious damage), they should come back down within a few weeks.

I’m hoping that everything will be fine and back to normal soon, preferably before we head north. How are gas prices where you live? Have you seen any affects from the impending storm?

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  1. Casey says:

    I haven’t checked the gas prices in the last few days but I can tell you that as of July, prices were around $4.80+ per gallon and have only now fallen to the $3.90. Living in CA is soooo expensive!

  2. gas went from 3.45 to 3.55 in one day…

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