Weekly Winners: The On the Road Edition

These are a few of my favorite pictures from our road trip to Ohio. I’ll have more to share next week, especially after our drive through Amish country today!!

Thanks, Ike.

The birthplace of Kentucky Fried Chicken

“Dude, you rock.”

It’s Florence, Ky., ya’ll!
florence, ky

The ceremony

Just married!

Do the hustle.

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  1. Looks like a really fun trip. The wedding must have been beautiful.

  2. I have seen that “Florence Ya’ll” more than a few times on various road trips. Love. It.

    Great shots. Love the last dancing shot!

  3. Stacey says:

    I love the wedding photos!

  4. Lisa says:

    I am hoping that you really didn’t need gas at that gas station! LOL

  5. “We’re married!” is my favorite… The “Florence Y’all” photo makes me miss Kentucky…

  6. lmao @ “dude, you rock” Teehee

    LOVE the “We’re Married!” shot. Beautiful!

  7. gina says:

    Some really great pictures here! Congrats on the wedding!

  8. Hellan says:

    lovelly pictures, and congrats, you look stunning. Really liked the “do the hustle” pic

  9. mistipurple says:

    Love the bridesmaid gowns. šŸ™‚

  10. HoundsGood says:

    Congratulations on your nuptials!

    Yeah, Colonol Sanders rocks for having really become famous when he was an older dude. Who says anyone really reaches their peak.

  11. Jeanette says:

    Love the shot going across the grass!

  12. Mandy says:

    I have seen that “Florence Y’all” sign soo many times I can’t count!

  13. Hey, that looks familiar! I live in KY… and yeah, I say “ya’ll”, “bless your heart” and “I’m fixin’ to go right now”… it’s a requirement if you live in the south. šŸ˜‰
    Great pictures, that first one speaks volumes!

  14. Connie says:

    I’ve never been to KY. Putting on my list of places to visit now. Your photos just helped me make that decision especially the one of the birthplace of KFC. I wanna go there!

  15. Karen says:

    We pass that water tower everytime we go to my sister’s house in Pikeville, KY. I think there is an outlet mall near there.

  16. We love seeing places from around the country! We get to visit without leaving home! Congratulations on your wedding!! Beautiful colors!
    Your FL furiends,

  17. Devoted Mama says:

    Isn’t the gas issue absurd?!? LOL @ Dude, you rock~Joe is hilarious! The wedding looks like it was beautiful & I ♥ the action in the last one!

  18. cady says:

    thanks for the comments everyone but, for the record, it wasn’t my wedding! my husband’s best friend got married. šŸ™‚

  19. sultana says:

    Been a year since I last tasted a Kentucky fried chicken. šŸ˜€

    I love the rose theme of the wedding.

  20. Jules says:

    Florence Y’all? Really? That’s pretty funny, HA!

  21. Laura says:

    I LOVE those bridesmaid dresses.
    I remember seeing that tower when I was in KY. Hehe.

  22. I love road trips…. I am a snap aholic…. loved your photos.

  23. windyridge says:

    Love the Florence Y’all. That’s great and so southern.

  24. nhuong says:

    i like the red dress being worn by the bridesmaid!

  25. Holly says:

    Road trips are always so much fun! I was actually fortunate enough to drive coast to coast this summer, something I’ve never done in my life!

    It looks like it was a beautiful wedding on a gorgeous weather day! I live in Northern Ohio, but have never been to Southern Ohio, some day I’d like to make it down that way!

  26. oh the bride looked sooo pretty… love her dress!!! Great photos and so happy you had a great time!

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