and the celebrations begin

tomorrow is my bridal shower. yippee! i’m pretty excited. i have a lot of people coming: my mom, my future mil, my future sil, her mil, a friend of joe’s parents, friends from kiwanis, and several of my girl friends. it’s going to be a blast. i know one of the games that is planned, and let me tell you, it’s not going to be good for me if i don’t know the answers to the questions. 😉

while the girls are partying away here, the boys will be out at the theater. they’re going to see descent, a movie none of us really want to see, so it’s perfect timing.

tonight, while i should be home making sure the apartment is spotless, joe and i are headed to chattanooga to see two of the finalists from last comic standing, chris porter and ty barnett. my parents got the four of us tickets at the comedy catch, and i’m really excited. i went with my parents when john heffron was there after winning season 2. he was hilarious, and i know tonight will be just as good. too bad josh blue won’t be there too. heh.

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  1. Joe says:

    Have a great special day. I love you always and forever.

  2. Liz says:

    Hope you had a fabulous shower! Did you get lots of naughty little outfits?!

  3. kjersten says:

    Oh, Chris and Ty were our FAVORITES! How fun!!

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