Willing to Work?

I’ve really been a little surprised by this season’s contestants on The Biggest Loser. Sure, some of them are motivated and really want to lose the weight, but a higher number seem to be more complacent. For instance, on last night’s episode, Jillian said in an interview that the contestants have “homework”, which is time in the gym when their trainers aren’t there. When she walked into the gym one morning and asked her team if they had done their “homework”, they all said, “No.” One woman even got kicked out of the gym after she smirked while Jillian was yelling at them.

It’s like Jillian said: This season’s contestants want to see the results without doing the work. Last season’s winner, Ali, couldn’t be kept out of the gym. She was constantly in there working out, which is why she won. In an earlier episode when the contestants went to the Grand Canyon for a couple of days, they returned to the ranch and told their trainers they “did some walking” but that was it. The pile of equipment that had been brought to them basically went untouched.

And on last night’s episode, mother/daughter teammates Shellay and Amy redeemed their prize of 24 hours with their trainer but Shellay pretty much balked at anything Jillian told her to do at the gym. She refused to walk on the treadmill without putting her hands on the bars, and then basically refused to do the strength exercises.
It’s like they’ve forgotten the thousands of people they beat out to get on the show, the thousands of people who, if given the chance, probably would put forth 10 times as much effort as the selected contestants.

I’m ready to see them all go home. There’s no one this season who I really think deserves to win.

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  1. Shannon says:

    I haven’t been able to watch any of the eps for this show so far this season because I have 2 other shows recording when it is on lol… but I know a lot of people that get gastric bypass and think it is some quick easy fix… and it isn’t… I hate it when people don’t want to work for their goals… lazy people just suck… and I wish I could have access to a trainer like Jillian all the time like that… those people are just crazy not to use her!

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