Wordless Wednesday: Watch out Clint Eastwood!

in the line of fire

My grandpa looks like such a special agent with his big, dark sunglasses and his hearing aid headphones, so Joe couldn’t help but Photoshop him into the original Clint Eastwood poster. I think it’s awesome. My dad calls me every so often laughing hysterically after looking at it.

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  1. daria369 says:

    Good luck – and if WW doesn’t work, you can always try simply canceling wheat and sugar out of your diet (I know that works!)

  2. I came by to read your Thursday post and to comment, but when I saw this I had to laugh and tell you it’s so perfect. My 95 year old Pop would get a kick out of if I did that for him 🙂 Or put him in John Wayne movie pic… I hope you’ve printed it and framed it!

  3. Connie says:

    That is so funny! What a nice thing for your husband to do. And it’s good that your Dad enjoys it.

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