Getting through my List

I am almost through my holiday shopping list. I have only four gifts left to buy, and it’s not even the beginning of December yet! This is *really* early for me, and I like that I will be able to relax as Christmas and Hanukkah approach. Normally I’m running around like a wild woman trying to get everything I need.

I know several people who are still picking out what gifts they want to buy this year for the holidays and putting them on layaway. Some people use the Kmart Layaway because we have one here in town, and even though it’s not one of the nicer stores in the area, it still has nice merchandise. In fact, we found things we want to buy for the baby there. Layaway is a fabulous idea because you can get bigger presents for people, like your kids, and pay incrementally rather than all at once. If Ryan, Ori and Harry were still in the area, it would be the perfect way for me to buy a nice, big toy for Harry for Christmas. I’d totally be his favorite aunt.

So here’s the rundown. We’re trying to keep it light this year as we’re about to spend a *lot* of money on IVF, but I think we did pretty well for everyone. And, we had to get small gifts for Ryan, Ori and Harry since shipping costs to Taiwan are insane.

*If you are in my family or you are Joe, do not read any further*

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Mom: Mani/Pedi kit

Dad: Tennessee Titans stadium replica (silver)

Ryan: “The Road” by Cormack McCarthy

Oriona: Bath and Body gift set

Harry: Playskool Magic Screen Palm Size Learner (seriously, it’s so awesome!) and the Playskool Form Fitter

Randy: Wii Points Card

Dave: Movies

Rachel: Picture frame that we’ll put a picture of the three of us in

Mom #2: Candle/room spray/ potpourri gift set

Dad #2: Movies

Nana and my grandparents: Photo calendars

Dave’s parents: A framed quote for their house

Joe and I put a limit for gifts this year, and I don’t think I’ll go over that by too much. But, these gifts are just so awesome that I couldn’t *not* get them.

First, we have a poster from his first half marathon. I think it’s pretty awesome, and it should be here in a few days.

motivational poster

I don’t know what else to get him for one of his “big” presents. I was going to get him this in platinum, but I think that may be better for the awesome Braves-themed 30th birthday bash I’m throwing for him next year. I may get him some new clothes for work. I just haven’t decided. Any suggestions?

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  1. Owen says:

    You have a great gifts there. Good luck with the IVF and make sure you have enough money put aside. Make sure you’ve got enough for all the meds and the traveling. Those are 2 things that were more expensive than we expected for us.

  2. Sara says:

    the baby?????!!!!!

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