The Great Box Project of ’08

It’s like a whole new world in our storage room.

The before:

box project

And the after:

box project 6

And all the trash we threw out:

box project

box project

Miraculously, it only took us two Sundays to get our carport cleaned out and our storage room organized (the boxes on the side are all trash). And, before you ask, no, it hadn’t looked like that since we moved in last year. We actually had everything cleaned and organized. Then, Joe’s parents decided to put their house up for sale and started bombarding us with boxes and boxes and more boxes. I think we threw out most of the things they gave us. But, until we had time to go through everything, the boxes sat out in our carport. Yes, we knew we looked like rednecks but we’ve been so busy we haven’t really been home long enough to spend time on it.

It’s so nice to go into my storage room to do laundry and see how neat and orderly everything is. Now, we have to tackle the rest of the house which kind of got torn apart while we took apart and repacked boxes. That won’t be as bad, though. What projects around the house are on your to-do list?

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  1. daria369 says:

    I like to clean (top to bottom) the whole house before winter holidays and then really enjoy the food and cozy holiday atmosphere.

    You did a great job on your storage, it looks clean and neat (just the way I like to have things – which I’m not sure – is more a blessing or a curse?). šŸ™‚

  2. corrin says:

    Doesn’t it feel nice to just throw stuff away! We’ve been purging, too.

  3. Sadie says:

    lol @ the before! It looks like my storage room. šŸ™‚

    It must have been the weekend for cleaning! I did some, too. Doesn’t it feel nice?

  4. bonus room needs clearing…you available?

  5. Mark says:

    It is a great feeling to finally do a job that you have probably been putting off for a while. Your storeromm looks much tidier. I am planning to re-decorate our lounge but have not got round to it yet!

  6. My bestfriend in storage are rubbermaid tubs!…. They are the best. We have such a small house that it is real easy to clutter bomb it. My tubs make it much easier.

  7. wildcherry says:

    Wow your storage look looked like a mess. Hopefully the rest of the house is in a better condition :P.

  8. Julie says:

    Oh it looks GREAT! I’ve been doing a little purging over the last month. One more run through our garage and I should be all set for another year of collecting crap. LOL!

  9. That’s awesome! It looks great! I need to start working on our house before the holidays!

  10. Maureen says:

    I’m jealous! I have some major reorganization of storage to do around the house- getting things organized always feels good and gives you a new energy!

  11. Karen says:

    Do you find yourself wandering out to look at your organized stuff? LOL I’ll bet it feels so good.

  12. Connie says:

    You and hubby did an awesome job! I’ve learned that thinking about the job ahead of us is much worse than actually digging in and doing it. Now if I can only get myself to go ahead and do instead of think here, my house will look wonderful.

  13. Jennifer says:

    You did a great job organizing. It’s much easier to be in a good mood doing chores, in a organized room.


  14. Wow! That’s really impressive how much you’ve packed away. I need to do it in my store room, for the pure and simple reason my store room is also my bed room, and I literally cannot move in there.

  15. Diane Scott says:

    Feng shui tells us to declutter and doors open for new opportunities. It will be interesting to hear if something similar happens for you and yours šŸ™‚

  16. Oh my gosh! That is great that you got it all organized and sorted!! Now Mom is thinking about her closet that is unsafe to open!!
    Your FL furiends,

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