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I’m thinking about starting a separate blog to chronicle our battle with infertility. I feel that would allow me to include more without weighing down this blog. What do you all think? Would you read a separate blog or should I just keep everything here?

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Hi! I’m a wife to a wonderful husband, mom to a beautiful and active (to put it lightly) kiddo, and fur-mom to 3 crazy cats. I’m a former journalist. I quit my full time job two years ago. Now, I am a freelance writer and a virtual assistant for several bloggers!

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  1. Casey says:

    My vote is for keeping it all on here simply because this is your general blog about your life and infertility is part of that life.

  2. Laura says:

    Agreed with the pp. Don’t start a new blog for the sake of other people. If you want to keep things separate for yourself, then do it, but don’t feel like you need to. This is your space and your life. 🙂

  3. Tamsyn says:

    I agree too. The challenges involved with starting a family are something that a lot of us can relate to. Let it all out! xx

  4. Sugar & Ice says:

    Well, I had a separate blog for that, but that was strictly for privacy purposes. If you don’t mind people reading about it, then I say just blog about it all in one place. This blog is about your life, and that is about to be part of your life.

  5. Cristy says:

    I say keep everything in the same blog to simplify things.

  6. Lisanne says:

    It’s totally up to you … I would read a separate blog of yours, but I agree that it’s part of your life right now … so wherever you want to share it is fine with me!

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