sales, sales, sales

i love the bath and body works semi-annual sale. i would have completely forgotten about it if i hadn’t been reminded by lisanne. the only bad thing is that it is only a three-day sale and ends today. i had to work late last night, so joe headed up to dalton to use my mall gift cards. i would have *loved* to have seen him in there. he said he had two sales girls helping him find everything on my list. hehe. last time i sent him to b&bw, he and my brother had quite the time figuring out what kind of sponge to get. lol.

the sales girls gave him a blue bag to keep everything in, and told him it’s easier to carry it over the shoulder. joe replied, “i’ve lost enough of my manhood tonight. i am *not* carrying that over my shoulder.” heheeh.

$47 later, i have enough shower gel to last for probably a year. there were so many new scents (well, new to me, that is), that i just had to try them: strawberry banana (who *doesn’t* want to smell like a starburst?!), sweet cinnamon pumpkin and peach nectar. mmmm.

now, the problem is deciding which shower gel to use every day! joe says this means even less of our scarce hot water.

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