Shoe Addiction

I have a lot of shoes. As I mentioned in a comment conversation on Facebook last night, my closet is filled with shoes, and now I’ve begun to take over Joe’s closet. I’m out of room in my own. But, to me, they’re necessary. Joe doesn’t understand why I have so many pairs. He thinks I only need three pairs — a black pair, a brown pair and a pair of tennis shoes. Sigh. Men.

I have a bunch of sets of dress shoes, most of which are black. I’ve been trying to break out of that and purchase some more colorful shoes to add to my outfits. My favorite is a pair of red peeptoe pumps. I really need a strappy pair of red shoes, though, to wear with my little black dress. The peeptoes won’t really work with that.

I also have two pairs of boots. Last year, I had just a pair of black boots and discovered I really didn’t have anything to wear with my brown outfits. So, this year, I purchased a pair of brown boots, and I wear either those or the black ones every day, especially since it’s been so cold out. They’re the same style, though, and the colors are *so* close that I usually have to compare boot-to-boot to make sure I wear the right ones. Haha.

I really want to get a new pair to wear for a gala we’re going to on Valentine’s night. I’m not a big fan of pantyhose at all. I refuse to wear it. So, I think I have a long enough dress to wear but, since it’s black, I’d like to get some color in my shoes. If I don’t end up finding any, that’s fine, but it’s something I’ll be looking for between now and then. It’s a good thing Target and Cato usually have cute shoes at good prices.

So how about you — are you as into shoes as I am? If not, what’s your weakness?

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  1. Casey says:

    I must preface this by saying that I have extremely flat feet, and that bunions run in our family.

    I had a bazillion cute shoes, all of which some fashionistas would kill for: I had snakeskin Guees? Stillettoes, pink alligator bullet heels from Steve Madden, I could go on and on. I probably have a few thousand dollars worth of shoes, some of which I only wore a handful of times. Then my feet started getting worse. Bunion surgery is a nghtmare and I want to try and spare myself. I gave the vast majority of my stylish shoes to a girlfriend and now try to wear more modest styles.

  2. I have more shoes then I canre to say as it’s been a long-time addiction of mine. I have them marked, pictured, catalogued and numbered by style, make and color. Yes, a true addict!

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