The Placebo Effect

Now that I’m getting started on my IVF cycle, I’ve been making some changes. My IVF coordinator said they treat us like we’re already pregnant, so I was told to go off two of my arthritis meds as well as caffeine. I drink 4-5 caffeinated drinks a day (I know, that’s way too many), but I still didn’t think it would be a problem. Boy, was I wrong.

I went off caffeine cold turkey, and the first night I had a horrible migraine. After Tylenol and Sudafed failed to make me feel better, I caved in and took some Excedrin, which helped since it contains caffeine.

Last night, I started to feel a migraine coming on while we were at Joe’s synagogue, so I took a few sips of his Coke during the refreshments after the service, trying to alleviate a full blown migraine.

In the middle if the night, I woke up with a pounding headache. I tried drinking some iced tea, and finally sipped a Diet Mtn. Dew to give myself a jolt of caffeine.

This morning I told Joe how odd it was that I still got a migraine after getting some caffeine in my system. Joe gave me a sheepish look and said, “That’s because if was caffeine-free. But if worked for a little bit, didn’t it??”

You can fool the mind, but you can’t fool the body.

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  1. Shannon says:

    oh man that sucks… I cut cold turkey once and didn’t get any of that… another time… oh my lord i saw stars it hurt so bad… hugs!

  2. And people don’t think caffeine is a drug? šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ I know folks who find it harder to wean themselves off caffeine than off cigarettes but when there is a will there is a way. What about having a square of dark chocolate once in awhile? it seems to have a trace amount of caffeine but its way better for you?

    Anyway, that is great that you are doing this for your future baby (meds and caffeine elimination.) You can do it!

  3. corrin says:

    I could see how you would have to ween yourself. We always drink caffeine free in my house so I crave the fizzy of pop instead of the caffeine. I’ve never even had Mountain Dew!

  4. Owen says:

    Cold turkey sucks. I always like changing things gradually when I can; the body doesn’t like having things it’s addicted to being shut off all of a sudden

  5. Murgdan says:

    …I’m not looking forward to ditching the caffiene. Scary. Worth it. But still scary.

  6. LadyGrace says:

    LOL that sucks!!! I suffer from migrains so know what its like. I stopped caffine intake for the few half of my pregnancy then just went with like one cup a day. I ate a fair bit of lollies though because when I stopped I got really dizy from lack of sugar lol….

  7. My name is thecoffeelady and I am a coffeeholic! It all started about…. well you get the idea. Good luck with IVF…. I am no help when it comes to giving up caffeine. If you said to give up coffee or live in a black hole with all the coffee you can drink…. I would choose the black hole!

  8. Lisanne says:

    Luckily, I have never had a problem with avoiding caffeine. I *rarely* have caffeinated drinks. It messes with my anxiety disorder … caffeine can exacerbate my anxiety. I’m *so* sorry that you’re having such difficulty with it. It must be *very* hard. But all for a VERY good cause! šŸ™‚ Is it possible to have some tea instead? That has a little bit of caffeine but not as much as other drinks.

  9. Heather says:

    Just think about how much healthier this is going to make you. šŸ™‚

  10. vein says:

    LOL. But seriously, pharmocologically it is better to transition off even if it is just over a week or two. The pain meds are less good overall than the caffeine….

  11. daria369 says:

    If I was your doctor, I’d tell you to quit all cola drinks – instantly and permanently – so just think about how lucky you are…lol

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