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Since we have plans in the (hopefully near) future to renovate our house, I’ve started looking online at different things we might need for it. We don’t plan to do a lot of it ourselves because the two jobs we have planned are pretty big. We want to enclose our carport to create a bonus room, and extend that room a little farther up our driveway. That will make it bigger, and it will change up the design of our ranch-style house. It will give it a different shape, which I think will make it much cuter, and it will stand out more from the other houses on our street.

We also want to rip out our shower/tub combo, tile the walls behind and then put in a new tub with a shower head. This is the project we’re going to start with, and we’re hoping to do it this fall. This is also my pet project because our current plastic shower wall just looks tacky, and because I have a thing about tubs — our tub has some staining on it, and I cannot take a bath in a tub that is not pristine. I don’t know why that is, but that’s how I am. I’m super excited about this project, and I can’t wait to get it underway.

What Joe and I *do* plan to do ourselves is the painting in our house. We want to repaint all the rooms in our house. Right now, they’re all the same beige color, and I really want more personality to show. I picked out colors a few months ago, but now I’ve changed my mind on several of the rooms, so I’ve been browsing online at different paint colors and tips since I’ve never painted a room before. And, we’ll have to buy all the painting supplies, like different types of brushes, and of course rollers, which should make painting the bulk of the walls much simpler.

What are some projects that you’ve done around your house that you were excited about?

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  1. Sugar & Ice says:

    We’ve done a lot of projects in our home. The first thing we did was paint most of the rooms. Then we ripped up all the carpet in all rooms except LG’s room and the guest bedroom, and we installed hardwood floors. We had dirt moved from the bottom of our back yard to the top of the hill and built a retaining wall. And, of course, we’re almost finished adding a family room, storage room, 4th bedroom, and 3rd full bath equaling 900 additional square feet to our living space. It’s been a crazy couple of years.

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