i love you day

the alarm went off at midnight yesterday morning.

“why is it going off?” i mumbled in my grumpy, semi-concious state.

“valentine’s day starts now,” joe said. “every hour i’m going to tell you something i love about you.”

and he did. i smiled as i fell back to sleep.

at 8 a.m., joe woke me up with breakfast in bed and reasons 2-8. throughout the rest of the day he’d call me and give me a reason. it was the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me, and it made me so happy to hear the different things joe loves about me.

after work we scrapped our plans to have dinner at olive garden. we didn’t feel like waiting for several hours for a table, so we got takeout at applebees and curled up on the couch. i enjoyed it much more. he got me a gift certificate and the movie “in good company,” which is what we were watching last valentine’s day when we first said, “i love you.” it’s going to be our traditional valentine’s day movie. i gave joe the second season of arrested development (one of his favorites!) and a large hershey kiss container filled with chocolate.

for my final surprise, joe put tea candles all around the room and lit them and had a bottle of pinot grigot, one of my favorites. it was a fabulous day.

and tonight? dinner at olive garden. 🙂

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