The Birthday Celebration, Parts 2 and 3

My BFP was the highlight of my birthday, but the rest of the celebration was pretty great as well. On my birthday, I had my first beta, bought a cute little Braves onesie for the baby and went out to eat with Joe. We always go to Provinos because it’s one of my favorite restaurans *and* you eat free on your birthday. It was fabulous.

That morning, Joe took me to Wes-Man’s for my birthday breakfast tradition, but this year I wasn’t able to get my name on the truck because it had rained the day before and overnight. I was kind of bummed, but there’s always next year.

On Friday, I got my birthday cake from Joe. We were too stuffed the night before to enjoy it. He and AJ sang to me, as they do every year.



Today, we headed down to Joe’s parents’ for the final installment of the birthday celebration. We had a yummy lunch of teryaki chicken, black bean burgers (for me!), red potatoes and green beans. And, Joe’s mom made a peanut butter pie for my “birthday pie”. Yum! They gave me a cute cat frame and Sex and the City, Season 1. Now, I just need a picture of all three of my furbabies together. šŸ™‚


I have been dreading turning 29, but it’s turning out to be the best year ever.

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  1. oriona says:

    well, you certainly have plenty to celebrate this year! looks like all your birthday parties were fun šŸ™‚

  2. Joe says:

    Happy birthday soon-to-be mom!

  3. Shannon says:

    what a great looking cake… argh I want frosting.. now… argh and I can’t eat it… suck!

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