It’s a Girl! . . . Maybe

We don’t even need to know what the gender scan says. Today, we did the ring test and the Chinese Lunar Calendar test, and both came back as girl. And, we all know those are 100 percent accurate. All kidding aside, though, MSN tried out several tests on five pregnant women, and the ring test was accurate for all five, and the Chinese Lunar Calendar test was accurate for four out of the five. However, they said side to side movement means a girl and circular movement means a boy. I’ve always been told the opposite, and that’s what we based our tests on.

We tried the needle test that Connie told me about, and we got differing results. We did it three times and got a boy twice and a girl once. Then, we held the needle over my belly, and it didn’t move. Commence the “I’m no longer pregnant!” freakout. 🙂

I guess in 20 days we’ll likely know for sure!

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  1. Kami says:

    I’ve said “girl” from the day I found out you were pregnant…I still think I’am right! hee!!

  2. Amber says:

    Love the new look!!

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