where’s the real meaning of christmas?

several churches in atlanta are not holding services on christmas. in fact, many churches throughout the country are closing tomorrow. i’m have a problem with this, mainly because the entire reason for christmas is the celebrate jesus’ birth. and this would be where the church comes in. i understand it’s mainly the “megachurches” with several thousand members closing, but that doesn’t make it right. there are people who only go to church on christmas; what kind of an example is it to close the house of god on christmas? or any day of worship for that matter. whenever christmas is on a saturday, we go to church, and those are my favorite services. people have said how christmas is becoming more and more secular and commercialized and that we need to revert back to remembering the true reason; the closing of churches doesn’t help that. it’s like it’s condoning the secularizing of the holiday.

this column sums up my feelings much better than i can write them.

it’s funny…i heard about this right after joe told me he was pitching a story idea to the media of a professor who’s talking about how we need to get back to the real meaning of christmas. how ironic.

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  1. glass beads says:

    Chrismas is the happy time..

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